I’ll be honest, Fashion Week scares the living daylights out of me. Not the shows – which I love – or the manic schedule – which, although tiring is actually quite fun – and not even the frantic backstage visits – which I can’t get enough of.

What really gets to me is the fashion-focused pressure, the feeling that, no matter what you wear or what you look like, you’ll never really be able to match up to all the super snazzy people flocking to all those fancy front row seats at every fashion show available.

Now I’m a fairly outgoing, happy person, but there’s something about fashion that leaves me quaking in my not-so-designer boots. I love fashion, I find it incredibly interesting, I love reading about it, I love writing about it, I love having it all around me during New York Fashion Week.

So with the bi-annual event being a rather large part of my day-to-day job, I decided this season that enough was enough, the time had come to stop being such a pansy, and start feeling more confident about my fashion choices (however unstylish they may be).

And do you know what? It made the whole thing so much more enjoyable. For example, when I got dressed this morning, instead of thinking, ‘oooh I wonder what everyone will think of this outfit, will they like it?’ I just thought, ‘do I feel happy and comfortable in this? Yes? Ok then,’ and off I went.

Now my outfit might not be the most fashion-forward of ensembles, it might not even be remotely stylish. But hey ho, I think it looked a’ight and I was comfortable in it – so much so that I actually decided to post in on this ‘ere blog (which long-time readers will know I never do).

So for those of you lucky enough to be heading to the rest of NYFW, or venturing out to one of the remaining three events in Europe, I just wanted to share my thoughts, urge y’all to enjoy the personal style aspect of it, and don’t worry what all those other people think, just have fun with it.

Preachy rant over.


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