* this pizza purse is everything *

I know I’m being crap at the blogging thing. I don’t really have any excuses other than to say that I’ve had a whole heap going on and work has been a wee bit manic. Not the best reasoning, I’ll admit, but there you go. Still, persevere I shall, and hopefully you guys will stick with me…

Five favourites

Place: I never thought I’d say this but my fave spot this week has been Williamsburg in Brooklyn. I had a delightful brunch there on Saturday, with some even more delightful company, and all in all the ‘Burg served as the perfect backdrop for an ace weekend of fun.

Food: Speaking of said brunch, have y’all ever tried huevos rancheros? It’s like breakfast’s answer to nachos. Incredible.

Experience: BRUNCH. Oh my goodness I am food obsessed.

Read/watch: I’ve just started watching the West Wing, and I am totally hooked. Hooked! 

Beauty bit: Say hello to the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette, which has been a firm staple in my daily routine during the last week or so. More specifically it’s Honey Pot and Push Up that have really stolen my heart, but I’m actually quite the fan of every shade.

Have a good weekend everyone and don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram and @CharlieLanks!


* ramen burger for the win *


* and breathe *


* rooftop babes *


* pizza always puts a smile on my face *


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