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* welcome to the femail team carlizzle *

I’ve had such a good – but really rather busy – weekend. There’s been sun, fun, wine, food, Skype with G, more food, and even some bocce ball. Apparently that’s a thing.

Back to work today ready to take on the week after a thoroughly brilliant few days.

Five favourites

Place: My rooftop. Stupendous view, BBQ stations, deck chairs, sun loungers, it’s ruddy marvelous.

Food: There’s a pizza restaurant attached onto the new Smorgasburg and the pizza they serve there is just awesome. It’s so so good.

Experience: Learning to play bocce ball – and making up one half of the winning team, baby, yeah!

Read/watch: I’ve started reading Caroline Cossey’s memoirs My Story. She was the first openly transgender woman to pose for Playboy; I had to download her book for work reasons, and thought I’d give it a proper read. It’s seriously interesting and I have to admit I haven’t really put it down since.

Beauty bit: Totally, totally obsessed with my Topshop Matte Bronzer at the moment. It gives an ace glow without any tangerine orange-y tinge, and really helps to enhance the ole tan.

Have a good weekend everyone and don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram and @CharlieLanks!

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* nyc you bae *

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* christmas in july loving *

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* kendall jenner eat your heart (hair) out *

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* gobble *


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