I’ll be the first to admit that I have a pretty large collection of beauty products – it’s certainly not the most expansive that I’ve seen, but it’s up there… Anywho, will all that excellent make-up action going on in there, occasionally some products do get left at the back of a drawer, and go un-loved for a few weeks or months.

So every now and then I’ll have a hunt around for some of those long-forgotten products, and have a ruddy ace time rediscovering them in all of their beauty brilliance. And my most recent rediscoveries have most certainly proven just how much they deserve to be used on a day to day basis.

During one of my more recent rediscovery sessions, I came across some real stonkers that I want to share with you – kicking off with the best of the best (in my opinion), the Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Palette ($65). I was given this bad boy for Christmas, and fell head over heels in love with it – and ironically that actually made me neglect it a bit. Such was my fear that it might break/shatter/lose its starry starry brilliance that I kind of didn’t use it that much. Until now. Having it grabbed it out of the back of a drawer on a whim, it’s pretty much all I’ve been using for the past few weeks. The shadows are dreamy, both in terms of formula and shades, and they stick around on my lids all. day. long.

Moving on along to the Soap and Glory Glow All Out Highlighter ($18), which has long-been one of my favourite highlighters, but was set aside for a wee while so that I could give some other products a go. But nothing else I’ve found manages to give that same sweet peachy glow, and for that reason I’ve circled back to this bad boy. Same too with the Maybelline Color Sensational Shine Gloss ($6.50), which tragically seems to have been discontinued here in the US (sob). Nevertheless, it’s still one of the best glosses I’ve tried – super smooth, stick-free and with the perfect amount of colour to it. Ace.

Sticking with the lips, we have the Kate Moss x Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 107 ($5.50)I normally only really wear this one in the winter – and this past year, it went slightly un-loved because I was focused solely on its partner in crime, 07. But, breaking with tradition, I decided to bust this bad boy out for July because I’m crazy like that! It’s a little bit too drying for me to wear all day long, but for an evening out, or a few hours’ of drinks, it’s perfect.

Moving away from make-up for the last two items in the line-up – Balenciaga Rosabotanica ($100) and the Zoeva Petit Crease Brush ($6)One smells super sweet and the other helps my eyes to look super sweet; the fragrance is just perfect for this time of year because it’s floral without being too heavy or sweet, and it just sits beautifully on your skin all day long. The brush, on the other hand, has come in so handy recently because I’ve been trying to get a bit more adventurous with eyeshadow. While not ideal for blending out a total look, this bad boy helps with some precision application and is a dream when it comes to blending out smaller areas of shadow.

So guys, now it’s your turn – take some time and explore your make-up stash! I want to know what you all find…


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