I’m probably about the laziest person ever when it comes to doing things with my hair. On the rare occasions that it’s not bundled up into a top knot, it’s in a half up half down kind of situation. Or, if I’m feeling wild, it’s in a french plait. I know, I know, I’m so ruddy adventurous.

However, I do like to try and keep it in as good condition as possible – and will, particularly during the summer, throw in a few products every now and then to jazz it up, beyond my normal shampoo and conditioner.

When it comes to keeping my hair in tip top condition, I’ve actually been using the Tarte Maracuja Oil in the ends; while I know it’s technically intended for your face, it works some serious magic in terms of smoothing down dry ends and zapping any frizzy bits. Nothing like a multi-tasker!

This will no doubt come as little surprise but my hairbrush of choice – as per usual – is the Wet Brush. I won’t waste time waxing lyrical over it again, but it’s just ace.

Moving on to some styling now and my favourite product of choice in recent months has been the John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Salt Spray. This stuff is just excellent – it smells excellent, it gives a great amount of texture but without any crunchy residue which I’ve experienced with a few other salt sprays. In other words it’s just super. Same with the Bumble and Bumble City Swept Finish Spray. The finish isn’t quite the same as the salt spray – it gives a lot more volume – but I love it just as much for the unique texture that it gives my hair.

Last but not least is a bit of a luxury item, the Serge Normant Avah Hair Perfume. Yes it’s not the most necessary item in the world by I just love it. It smells super, it makes my hair smell super and – in all honesty – I just feel super fancy when I wear it, which is never a bad feeling!

What products are you guys loving this summer?


One thought on “Summer haircare must-haves

  1. I love the john Frieda beach salt spray!! I never knew the tarte maracuja oil could be used in hair!

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