* barry m speedy quick dry nail polish in road rage // £3.99 *

 Once again I am well behind the times – shock! – and I find myself catching onto a good old thing a wee bit late. BUT, in this case, I have an actual excuse – I believe that this brilliant new (ish) product came out after I moved over here to the US, and I’ve only just been back for the first time since the big move so haven’t had time to check ’em out yet. OK?

So, excuses out of the way, without further ado, I should probably tell you what product it is that I’m babbling on about.

Say hello ladies and gents to the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Polish in Road Rage (£3.99)the latest addition to what has become a somewhat out-of-control collection of mint green nail polishes. In fact I’m pretty sure the title of this post has been used by yours truly in the past – on more than one occasion! – but in this case I just couldn’t resist adding one more pretty polish to the selection.

So what was it that made the Barry M polishes oh-so exciting? Well, first of all – I’ll be honest – it was a little bit to do without the huge amount of hype surrounding them when they first came out. Being over here in the US, knowing that I couldn’t get my hands on them, made them all the more appealing.

Then there is the colour selection – all complete with fun car-appropriate names, the pastel-toned shades are just beautiful, and I’m not sure there’s a single shade in there that I would ever say no to…!

Now, with the more cosmetic stuff aside, let’s move on to the meaty stuff: the formula. Hailed as one of the quickest nail polishes around, these Barry M delights sure did have a lot of chat to live up to. But thankfully, I admit I was impressed. While not quite the lightening speed I had in mind (we’re talking milliseconds here people) the polish does dry really ruddy quickly, making a speedy manicure so much easier and more enjoyable.

Plus, it dries down to a shiny, gel-like finish, that stays put through pretty much anything, particularly when paired with a good topcoat.

(Oh, and did I mention how cute the little bottle is?)

Not much more you can ask for in a polish really, is there?


One thought on “There’s (yet another) new mint on the block

  1. Such a gorgeous color! I really like their speedy dry range but the brushes aren’t my favourite, love the color pit stop especially! x

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