I’ve been a huge MAC fan for as long as I can remember; it was one of the first high-end beauty brands that I fell in love with (the other being Benefit), and I can still remember the thrill I got when I bought my first bright turquoise eyeliner, which I used so often, I managed to wear it down to a stub within a matter of weeks.

In recent years however, my MAC obsession has slowed slightly… There have still be the odd few purchases, particularly when it comes to the brand’s limited edition collections, which I always love, but otherwise my attentions have been focused elsewhere. Until very recently that is.

While strolling around Manhattan with my flatmate a couple of weeks ago, we decided to pop into a MAC store, just to have a play around with some lipsticks, see what was new and so on – well I was like a kid in a candy store. Within minutes my hand arm was covered in swatches and I was frantically trying to tally up how much all of the 100 hundred products in my basket would cost. Needless to say it was too much for my poor bank account to handle, and I managed to slim the selection down to just two items – both of which I absolutely love.

The first is actually one of the very first items I picked up – a satin finish lipstick called Amorous ($16)The color is one of those rare beauties that look good on just about any person, no matter their coloring or their skintone; the best way I can describe it is actually as a mash-up between two of my other favorite lipsticks from MAC – Brick-o-la and Plumful. It has the same slightly brick-toned red shade in it, which as been mixed with a plum-toned pink. Yeah yeah I’m no good at describing colors. But trust me here, it’s just swell.

Then we have the newest addition to my eyeshadow collection: Honey Lust ($10). For a while now I’ve been looking for a shadow shade to fill a gap in my MAC palette; I ordered a pre-made one a while back (I know, lazy) and there were just one or two shades in it that really didn’t appeal – so I popped ’em out and have replaced them. The first one (a really chalky pink-white shade – no thanks) with All That Glitters (a cult favorite) and now the other (a dark dark black) with this, the most beautiful pale gold shimmer shade that looks so beautiful on the lids, I can’t even begin to describe how in love with it I really am.

Not quite light enough to be champagne, but not dark enough to be gold, it is just the perfect easy-as-you-like color to either whack on by itself, or blend with other warm-toned neutrals for a beautiful summery eye. Needless to say – it’s love. 

Looks like my MAC obsession will be back in full swing pretty darn soon…


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