*colour prevails nail lacquer // $8 each *

While I was partaking in one of my far-too-regular trips around the drugstore, I stumbled across a collection of beautifully-packaged nail polishes. And, even better, the unique butterfly-winged bottles aren’t just for show – they were actually designed in order to make painting your nails that much easier, acting as a handle that allows you to get a better grip on the brush.

Now I haven’t really had the chance to give these the trial that they deserve – instead I had to settle for a hasty manicure done five minutes before I walked out the door (yes, there were smudges) – but I have to admit I’m impressed with what I see so far. I’m not sure that the polish is the best out there, but it applies pretty well, has a nice opaque formula and, after two generous coats, had a lovely shiny finish.

In terms of the handle, it really does make things a lot easier in terms of the application. I was able to get a much better grip on the brush, which gave me a steadier hand, and all in all the process was really quite easy. I admit it took me a couple of goes to really find the easiest position, particularly when it came to my left hand, but once I’d got it down it was a real breeze.

I’m going to give them another whirl this weekend, but if that goes well you can bet that I’ll be stocking up on several more shades from the rather extensive collection of colours…


2 thoughts on “This just in: Colour Prevails Nail Lacquer

  1. ilipuma says:

    love the wacky packaging!!!!

  2. tirurit says:

    Looks very interesting indeed!

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