I’ve never been one for DIY – in fact G tries to ban me from doing so much as lifting a hammer because he thinks I’ll end up taking out a building, or something silly like that. But while I might not spend that much time using more traditional toolkits, when it comes to beauty, I’ve pretty much mastered exactly what tools I need – and which ones I can never be without.

So, in lieu of screwdrivers, hammers and wrenches, I have amassed a fairly impressive – if I do say so myself – collection of beauty tools, which I thought I would share with you all quickly, just in case you fancied a peek inside my bathroom cupboard. Because in between all that skincare, it’s these items that make up the core of my daily beauty collection…

Firsts up, we have a razor. Probably one of the least glamorous items ever, but necessary nonetheless. Personally, I’m a diehard Gilette Venus kind of gal and have both the Venus Snap ($9.99), which is the itty bitty travel size, and the Venus Swirl, which is a slightly fancier, full-size option.

And on the subject of hair removal (YUM), I must also mention my much-loved Tweezerman Tweezers ($22), which have keeping my eyebrows in check for years now. Precise, simple, and with a ruddy excellent pattern on them, I can’t see myself choosing anything else any time soon.

Another Tweezerman product that I’m totally obsessed with are the Tweezerman Cuticle Clippers ($22). I’m one of those awful people who will nibble away at the side of my nails, particularly when there are any flaky bits (gross, I know, sorry), and that area is often left really sore and raw. Unless I have the foresight to snip any gross bits away using these bad boys, which prevents my from giving into temptation, and also means that they won’t get caught on anything and get any worse. A win win really.

Moving on to some slightly more simple options now – cotton wool pads and Q-tips. Obviously, I hear many of you cry. That’s a given! But you’d be surprised how many people I know who don’t have these easy peasy options on-hand. In all honesty, I get through minimum one packet of cotton wool pads a month. Minimum. And I probably work my way through a pot of Q-tips every six weeks or so. They’re just so useful! From the obvious ear-cleaning functions (gross, again, I know) to removing pesky bits of nail polish, there’s no end to what function they can fulfill.

And last, but by no means least, we have hair clips. These medium-sized butterfly clips are a total god send if, like me, you have a fair few choppy bits in your hair, which tend to fall out of whatever top knot situation they get bundled on up into. I’m honestly never without these bad boys, and always have a good selection rattling round in the bottom of my handbag, just in case.

So, there you have it, my favorite beauty tools. Not the most glamorous beauty bits in the world, but definitely the most important! What beauty tools do you rely on most? 


2 thoughts on “My must-have beauty toolkit

  1. tirurit says:

    Well, I personally always have a glass file in my purse. I hate the feeling of a broken nail and I will keep touching it all day until I make it smooth once more!

  2. Rachel Marie says:

    Definitely need to invest in some of these!
    Rachel Coco

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