image3* boscia charcoal pore-minimizing hydrogel mask // $8 *

On Sunday evening, as I occasionally (always) do, I treated myself to a cheeky evening pamper. Nothing over the top or crazy, just a delightfully scented bath filled with Lush goodies, a sweet-smelling candle, or five, and a nice face mask

And rather than resort to my usual line-up of much-loved masks, I thought I’d really push the boat out and opt for something a little bit different, in the form of the Boscia Charcoal Pore-Minimizing Hydrogel Mask ($8). Now there’s a mouthful. Picked up on a whim in Sephora a few weeks ago, this mask has been sitting in my bathroom cupboard for a while now and I felt like the time had at last come to whip it out, give it a go, and potentially scare anyone and everyone who dared to happen upon me while the terrifying thing was on my face.

Sounds like a Sunday evening well spent to me?

Anywho, onto the mask itself. Now for those of you who have tried sheet masks before, you’ll undoubtedly know what a ruddy fiddly task it is getting the bloody thing out of the packet and onto your face, and, I’ll be honest, this one is even worse than the usual suspects. Not only is it the slimiest thing I’ve ever felt in my entire life – seriously, it’s like an eel skin, URGH – but it also comes wrapped up in the most extraordinary amount of packaging, making the whole process even more fiddly.

Plus it comes in two halves, as opposed to one whole mask, which I guess would be super if you only wanted to treat the top or bottom half of your face, but when you’re whacking it on and want to be fairly prompt about the whole thing, you may run into trouble.

In terms of the results, I noticed a couple of things after taking the mask off (after 20 minutes), and massaging in the excess, um, stuff, into my face. First of all, my face felt a whole heap smoother than it had pre-mask. Not sure why, it just did. My skin also felt softer and plumper, like I’d just had a 15-hour sleep in a magic water bed (don’t ask).

However, I found that it did very little to actually sort out my skin issues. I’ve also had a problem with blocked pores and congestion in my complexion, but instead of doing anything about it, this mask seemed to only worsen the issue, flaring up a fair few angry beasts the following morning.

So, if it’s super soft, fluffy skin that you’re after, then this is the mask for you – if de-congestion and anti-acne are your thing, I’d suggest heading elsewhere.


One thought on “Apparently slime equals soft skin

  1. tirurit says:

    Oh damn, such a pity! It sounded like a really nice mask

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