Untitled1* jo malone peony & blush suede candle // $65 *

Last week, I received the most delightful gift – thank you Hind, Melissa and the lovely Claire’s ladies – in the form of a Jo Malone candle. Now if you have been reading this ole blog for a while, you will know that I found this delivery particularly exciting for a number of reasons; I love candles and I’m obsessed with pretty much every Jo Malone fragrance I’ve tried thus far. And Peony and Blush Suede is one of the few that I have yet to invest in, and of all the scents available, it seems to me one of the best springtime options.

Now there are some who might think that candle burning is an activity best left in the winter, but I have to disagree. Yes flames equal heat, and heat is often something you’re trying to avoid when inside on a hot spring day, but really now, how much ‘heat’ does a little candle like this actually give off? Not much. Instead you get the benefit of having a beautifully fragranced room that is full of the sweetest floral scents, without having to shell out bucket-loads of money restocking your fresh flower supplies.

Because that is what this fragrance conjures up, for me at least. Images of massive pink peony bouquets and sunshine – the perfect springtime vision in my oh-so humble opinion. Especially when combined with my all-time favorite Bath and Body Works Honeysuckle Bouquet candle. Then you have yourself a floral fragrance party.

In terms of the whole blush suede element of the scent, I’ll be honest – I’m not really sure what that’s about. However I can tell you that Jo Malone describes it as ‘the sensuality of soft, blush suede’. So, there you go then.


2 thoughts on “Sweet spring scent: Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede

  1. RavishingRoses says:

    this sounds divine. Love your blog would be great if you could check mine out too xxx

  2. You need the fragrance of this too! Go treat yourself!

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