* nicole by opi lacquer in it starts with me // $7.99 *

I”m a big old fan of rose gold. It’s because something of an obsession recently, and it’s one that has very quickly filtered into my beauty arsenal. From packaging to the products themselves, my make up bag is full to the brim of rose gold brilliance – and, up until very recently, the only thing that was really missing from my stocks was the perfect rose gold nail polish.

Then I found this bad boy – Nicole by OPI’s It Starts With Me ($7.99), a perfectly rose-toned metallic gold polish that fulfills all of my rose gold dreams.

And, thankfully, it’s not just the colour that’s perfect – the formula is also pretty dreamy too. It applies so smoothly, has a really lovely finish – shiny but not glittery or shimmery – and it lasts a long ole time, too, which is extremely useful as it’s pretty much all I’ve wanted to wear on my nails (and my toenails!) since I picked it up a couple of weeks ago.

Now all I need is to pick up an extra bottle (or five) just on the off chance that they decide to do something crazy and discontinue the shade… *runs to Walgreens*


One thought on “The perfect rose gold polish

  1. Feathers and beads says:

    I love rose gold, this is a beautiful colour 🙂 x

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