It’s May. May. Where the Dickens has all that time gone, huh?

Thankfully, May means warmer weather, May flowers – thanks to those April showers – and a move ever closer to my holiday in June. Hurrah!

As for April, it was a pretty good one; Coachella was the main highlight, and it is because of this ace event that there are some pretty snazzy accessories included in my monthly favourites. Ladies and gentlemen, I am now officially a hand chain addict. The two that you see above are both from Claire’s – which is who I went to Coachella with – and I am obsessed with them both. Now to buy me up some more…

Moving on to the beauty side of things, we have a new entry in the haircare category – thanks to my new, shorter hairstyle, I’ve been trying to get a bit more experimental with texture and so on, and the Bumble and Bumble City Swept Finish Spray (c/o $30) is doing a delightful job of giving my hair a bit of a boost. Add to that a few spritzes of the Serge Normant Avah Hair Perfume (c/o $60) and you’ve got some pretty ace hair, if I do say so myself.

Then we have two make-up-related bits; the Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Gladiolus ($11.99) has been the perfect Winter to Spring transition shade thanks to it’s bold brightness, which helps to add a bit of fun into any day, no matter whether it’s gloomy or sunny. Plus, the super nourishing formula means it’s lovely to wear, even in the heat.

Something of a new favourite comes in the form of the Ciate Triple Shot Mascara ($22)I’ve only really been using this bad boy for a week or so – maybe like ten days? – but I’m totally and utterly hooked on it. The formula just does genius things with my lashes, the brush is incredibly easy to use and it holds an ace curl throughout the day. If you haven’t tried it, please do. And if you need more convincing, keep an eye out for Thursday’s post…!

Last up we have something a bit weird and quirky in the form of this sunscreen from Walgreens, which hangs handily on my handbag and can be applied at just a moment’s notice. With the weather looking like it’s finally taken a turn for the better, I’m starting to apply SPF like it’s going out of fashion and this super handy bottle has made life a whole heap easier. (And yes, I’m aware it makes me look like a nerd.)

So, here’s to a super May and some super warm weather…


One thought on “Monthly marvels #23: April

  1. Ooh that BB hairspray looks intriguing! x

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