I’ve long known – and long loved – Ciate for its epic nail polishes, and, more recently, its excellent range of nail care treatments and products. However, the brand has recently made a move away from nails in favour of tackling actual cosmetics – and not just a small, mini, condensed line of products, oh no, they’ve gone big, huge with a seriously heft collection of make up items sure to whet the appetite of any and all beauty lovers out there.

I’m not even kidding when I say there is a product in there to please everyone – there’s lip gloss, lip stains, lip lacquers, then there are cream blushes, cream highlighters, cream bronzers. You name it, and it’s likely that the Ciate brand has it. And in a wide variety of shades too. Clearly, these guys don’t do things by halves…!

Now I haven’t worked my way through the entire range just yet, but there are already a few favourite frontrunners emerging from the collection in the form of the Blush/Glow/Bronze Pops (c/o $19) – cream cheek products which come in a handy little mushroom-esque shape – and the Eye Chalks (c/o $16) – eyeshadow crayons that are, thankfully, a whole heap less chalky than they sound! Sadly the colour range isn’t enormous, but the pale pastel shades I have are perfect for Spring and Summer and the formulas are ace.

This weekend I’m planning to give the mascara and the liquid eyeliner a ruddy good whirl and will be sure to report back with a more detailed review super soon…


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