I confess, I’m a picker. Whenever I have a blemish, a spot, a pimple, a zit – a shadow – you name it, I can’t help but poke and prod and touch it until it’s gone.

It’s a horrendous habit, I’m aware that it’s a horrendous habit, and yet despite my best intentions I just can’t stop. Until now that is. I pledge to you all from today, I’m going to go an entire week without any face touching. No matter how many spots I get (please let it be a good skin week!) I will not mess around with a single one of them, but will instead let them run their course.

And why, you might ask, am I taking this oh-so bold step now? Well, with my immune system being as crappy as it is at the moment – Coachella-related tiredness has really taken its toll…! – my skin is less than stellar and because I’m all run down and sick, those spots are even worse than normal, and picking at them just isn’t helping at all.

So ladies and gentlemen, wish me luck – and if any fellow pickers out there feel like joining me, comment on down below…!


2 thoughts on “The week of no touching

  1. I am SUCH a picker. The worst. Good luck x

  2. tirurit says:

    Good luck! I know your pain, but the truth is that when I have more calm periods and thus I pick them less my skin looks far better!

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