Yep, yep, I’m behind the times again. What a surprise! However, I made it there in the end and have finally discovered the Nudestix brand.

Essentially what this bad ass beauty brand is all about is ease of use. Forget brushes, forget tools, just grab your pencil tin, fill it will all of your make up-related crayons and crack on with your day. Concealer? Check! Contour? Check! Blush, eyeshadow, lips, eyeliner? Check, check, check, check!

For every cosmetic need, there seems to be a crayon to fit the bill – and each with its own unique formula. So, I thought I’d lay out some of my favourites for y’all, just in case you were thinking about picking up some of the products for yourself…

First up, the Magnetic Eye Colors. These buttery-soft pencils blend so beautifully into the lids, can be easily smudged out with your fingers, and then they stick and stay and hang around without fail – particularly when applied on top of your favourite lid primer. They come in a variety of amazing neutral, shimmery – yet not too shimmery – shades and I’m head-over-heels in love with pretty much all of them (especially Angel, FYI, the pinky-toned champagne third in from the left).

Then we have the double-ended Lip and Cheek Pencil, a product which I really thought I wasn’t going to be keen on… Well I was wrong. The formula is one of those rare ones that manages to work for both the lips and the cheeks – it’s creamy and nourishing on the lips but doesn’t leave a sheeny, greasy feel on the cheeks. Two thumbs up!

Last up, we have the Sculpting Pencil, another double-ended duo which has a highlighting crayon at one end, and a contouring pencil at the other. Both blend into the skin, easy as pie, and neither leave any kind of chalky residue on the skin. They’re incredibly natural, not at all orange, and actually make contouring pretty darn easy. Who’d have thought that was possible?! 

What do you guys think of the Nudestix brand?


One thought on “An introduction to Nudestix

  1. I’ve never tried these, I’m definitely going to have to check it out

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