A thousand apologies, ladies and gentlemen, for the delay in this post today and the lack of a post yesterday. If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter then you will likely be aware that I was at Coachella this past weekend – it was epic – and I’m not somewhat behind on pretty much every aspect of life, and desperately trying to play catch up.

While I was at Coachella however, surrounded by some of the most beautiful (and some of the weirdest) people ever, I I realised that they all had one thing in common that I was missing – a nice, healthy summer glow. There was me, pale and pasty as ever, while the rest of the festival-going population looked as though they had already spent several weeks in the sunshine.

So, as soon as I got home – well, after I’d had a nap at any rate – I whipped out a few of my most glow-giving, bronze-enhancing beauty products, with the aim of re-capturing the kind of natural glow that you can see in the image above (it was taken last August, at a time when even I had a tan).

We have your subtly shimmery bronzers to add colour, warmth and highlight to the face – both of which are from Physicians Formula, a brand which I believe does some of the best glow-giving products. Plus they come with really cute New York and heart patterns on them, which doesn’t hurt! Then we have a matte Topshop bronzer to both contour and to add a nice boost to your skin; it gives a good amount of colour and sits perfectly in between the grey-toned contour shades and the more orange-toned bronze shades, giving you the best of both worlds.

Finally, to add a nice bit of a flushed summertime glow to the face, we have two of my favourite glow-giving blushes, one from Milani, and the other from Sleek. Both are rose-toned in colour, but with an added boost of gold shimmer running through them, meaning that they serve as both a blush and a highlight – adding a nice glow without any over-the-top glitter or shine.

Now all I need is to sleep for several days, and I should be ready to get a bit of glow back into my skin… Here’s hoping!


One thought on “Getting back that summertime glow

  1. sarapas4 says:

    I am also loving the bronzy glowy summer look! I am loving my Estée Lauder bronzer and the Balm Mary-Lou Manizer to help me out 😉 Thanks for the Physicians Formula suggestion, I haven’t tried any of their products yet…

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