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When you read/write/follow a lot of beauty blogs and vlogs, it makes sense that you will come across a lot of the same beauty products being talked about, or raved about, by a lot of different people. Sometimes this hype comes about as the result of a massive press mail-out – which means one brand has sent the same product out to dozens of different bloggers/press to test and try out, all at the same time – other times, it’s just because that product happens to be one of the best out there, so great in fact that people can’t help but shout it from the rooftops.

However, there are also times when bloggers have been paid to talk about a specific product, meaning that the same product pops up on sponsored content posts numerous times within the space of a week, helping to generate that same sense of hype.

Now, I know and trust that the majority of bloggers who create sponsored content give their honest opinions in these posts (or videos), and I tend to treat those posts in much the same way that I would any of the other content on their blog or YouTube channel. However, sometimes it can be difficult to tell the honest, no-holds-barred thoughts from the slightly gentler, more positive, sponsored ones.

One product that springs to mind when talking about all this sponsored malarkey is the Simple Cleansing Micellar Water ($7.99). It has been everywhere in recent weeks, popping up in videos, blog posts, Instagram shots – and almost every single one that I’ve seen has been sponsored. So I wanted to go out and give the product a go myself and to share my honest, sponsor-free thoughts about whether the product really is great, or whether it just has a lot of advertising monies behind it (sorry to sound so cynical!).

Now upon first glance, this micellar water seems pretty standard in that it offers the same promises as many of its competitors- it claims it will cleanse your face, remove your make-up, and nourish your skin, all while ensuring it doesn’t irritate the skin. So far so good.

Make up removal-wise, it really does work well on face make up and base products – it clears out all of my foundation, blusher etc pretty darn easily. However, when it comes to eye make up, I found that it struggled slightly, particularly on waterproof mascara – and I found myself scrubbing pretty darn vigorously in order to get everything off, which left my eyes feeling less than fresh.

I do really like that the formula is pretty much (if not entirely?) fragrance-free, and it does really feel lovely on the skin – it doesn’t irritate my skin, nor does it break me out, which is always a bonus!

So, I’d give it one and a half thumbs up, I think – the eye make up aspect is pretty annoying, because if I’m going to use something to take off my make up, I want it to take it all off, y’know? But for days when I’ve perhaps just worn a limited amount of make up, and I don’t have any heavy eye products on, this works well – and I do think it’s a great option for anyone out there suffering with sensitive skin.


3 thoughts on “Worth the (sponsored) hype? Simple Cleansing Micellar Water

  1. You should try the garnier micellar cleansing water it removes everything from the eye area and leaves an overall fresh clean feel! I’ve never tried this one out but price wise the garnier is a little cheaper at around 4.50 xx

  2. Anne says:

    I totally agree it can be a little tricky to distinguish a proper hype from a sponsered one these days.
    Thanks for the great review 🙂
    xxx Anne

  3. I purchased the bioderma that all bloggers were raving about and it wasn’t for me. I can see how useful and amazing it is for very sensitive skin types or make up artists but for the regular skin care routine I didn’t have place for it.

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