OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA* physicians formula city glow bronzer // $14.95 *

 No, I didn’t need a new bronzer. No I didn’t need to get yet another beauty product. And no, I didn’t actually go into Duane Reade last week with the intention of picking up more make up.

However, when you come across a bronzer as pretty – and as suitable! – as this new offering from Physicians Formula, there’s no way you can pass it up, right? Right?! Well I certainly couldn’t at any rate.

Thankfully, the bronzer inside the packaging is actually pretty darn good, so I feel a lot better about the fact that I really bought it solely based on its appearance. Sadly however, the golden city skyline – which is just. so. pretty – does rub away pretty much entirely on the first use, meaning you don’t get any of that ‘glowiness’ that I initially expected when I first looked at it.

But I do find the two-tone bronzer shade really nice and natural – not too orange at all – and it really does help to add a good amount of warmth to my face, something I am desperately seeking after so many months of wintery weather. I think I’m actually about as pale as I have ever been and I’m really eager to try and at least look as if I’ve seen sunlight within the last year…

So yes, perhaps it wasn’t the most necessary purchase in the world, but it is rather useful in the bronzer department – and boy does it look pretty when on display.


2 thoughts on “Get the glow: Physicians Formula City Glow Daily Defense Bronzer

  1. Heidie says:

    This looks pretty cool, love it! Great post, wish you a lovely weekend. Love xoxo Heidie

  2. tashasface says:

    It’s too pretty to use!

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