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Not too long ago – maybe a year or two – I hated baths. Hated them. I couldn’t see the point, I thought they were a bit gross, I found them in no way relaxing, and I honestly just thought they were a complete and total faff. Well how times change.

These days, I can’t get enough of them, something which is due in large part, I think, to my discovery of Lush’s range of bath bombs and bubble bars. Needless to say I went from nothing to everything very quickly and formed something of an actual addiction to baths, treating myself to a good bath bomb soak once, twice, sometimes even thrice a week. How indulgent! 

And while I really did think I would only ever be one of those people who would crave a warm bath during the chilly winter months – or, you know, anytime of year in the UK when it’s pretty chilly all of the time – that’s actually turning out not to be the case. As the weather here in New York has slowly started to become a little bit more balmy, I haven’t stopped craving many a good warm bath.

However, in an attempt to ‘spring’ things up a little bit in the bath department, I paid a visit to Lush and stocked up on a few brighter, lighter, more floral, fruity fragrances, which help to turn my bath from the perfect winter warmer into a sun-filled spring oasis. There are still candles, there are still bubbles and there are still bath bombs – in essence, they’re still the same baths, just with a bit of a fresh spring boost.

Plus, I still get to experience that aaaaaaah relaxation moment which helps to make all that stress and woe melt away in an instant, even if that blissful calm only lasts as long as the bath does…


2 thoughts on “Springtime bathtime

  1. L o v e lush! Great post! Just followed you 🙂 feel free to follow me back if you’d like, I’m a fashion and beauty blogger 🙂 xxx

  2. jiagle says:

    i can even smell the lush store from the picture! haha

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