So last night, after weeks of deliberation, I went and had a fairly heft helping of hair lopped off my locks. We’re talking a good few inches here ladies and gentlemen, which has left me with the shortest hair style I’ve had in years.  And while I’m a lot happier with this new hairstyle than I thought I would be – I was worried at one point that there would be tears – I’m at a slightly loss in terms of what to really do with it, what products to use, and so on.

Because really, when my hair was super long, I was super lazy about it. I would whack it up, whack it in a french plait, or just leave it hanging on down. But now that my hair is shorter, I feel like I need to be more creative – I need to shake things up a bit and actually (dare I say) use some products in my hair.

So, I’m asking those of you who have rocked this mid length style for a wee while now – and those of you who have some experience in the shorter hair length department – to offer up some advice. I need your product recommendations, your style tips, and perhaps even your reassurance that I can indeed pull this look off without too much of an effort. What do you guys reckon? 


2 thoughts on “I’ve got short hair and I need your help

  1. Well done! It looks amazing 🙂 SO HEALTHY! I think it looks great as it is – nothing beats a good blowdry, though is my ultimate hair inspo. I just tackle mine with a pair of straighteners to make loose waves, keeping the ends straight for a more modern finish.

  2. tirurit says:

    LOLOL I am very amused as my hair has a similar length to yours right now and it is the longest it has been in years!!

    Go crazy with it! Whatever you want. I like to accessorize with clips or barrettes. They come in all kinds of designs and styles. I also prefer not to have my hair in my face while working so I will try all kinds of top knots, buns, doughnut buns and what not. As they say the sky is the limit and pinterest is there for inspiration 😉

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