IMG_0907* chapstick hydration lock night and day // $3.69 *

For all the fancy shmancy beauty products that I work my way through every day, there are also a number of easy peasy simple ones that I rely on.

Sometimes it’s just nice to strip things back to basics and get on with what’s easiest, you know?

Well no beauty product that I currently have in my possession is any easier than the Chapstick Hydration Lock Night and Day ($3.69)This double-ended lip balm has an SPF 12 skin protectant lip balm at one end, intended for use during the day, and then an ultra-moisturising overnight treatment balm at the other end.

Both chapstick options are simple, no-frills formulas – and yet both work so so well when it comes to protecting, soothing and nourishing my lips. Plus, it’s just so easy! I can carry around with me during the day, slick it on at night – and no need for any other lip balms.

Now the question is, what to do with them all….?


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