Years ago, I went on holiday to Portugal with one of my besties Janice. It was an amazing holiday, full of sun, sand, food and drink – and John Frieda’s Beach Blonde haircare collection.

In all seriousness, in addition to all of the fun-filled, sun-soaked memories, those bright blue shampoo and conditioner models are one of the things that I remember most clearly about that holiday; from the amazing turquoise colour, to the fresh tingly feeling from the shampoo, to the sweet smell of the sea salt spray, everything about the range screamed summer and sunshine, and every time I used them in the subsequent months, long after we had returned home, they still managed to conjure up the best memories of summer.

And then, they disappeared. For no apparent reason, John Frieda just took them off the shelves. And I was devastated.

Until now that is. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, at long last the John Frieda Shampoo ($10.99) and Conditioner ($10.99), and the John Frieda Sea Salt Spray ($10.99) have returned. Hurrah!

And while the formulas seem ever so slightly different, for the most part they are still the same great products that they were when they first appeared on shelves. The Cool Dip shampoo adds great texture and bounce to the hair, while cleansing it really well, the Smooth Seas conditioner leaves it feeling silky, soft and frizz-free and the Sea Waves salt spray helps to give it that ‘just spent a day on the beach’ texture.

In other words, this stuff is the perfect summer’s day hair in three bottles. And I just can’t get enough.

Now all we need is some actual summer weather….


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