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Following on from yesterday’s haul post – which you can see here if you so wish! – I wanted to show you all the two Essie nail polishes that I picked up in a bit more detail.

Both polishes, Essie Flowerista and Essie Garden Variety (both $8.50) are from the brand’s newly-launched Spring 2015 line-up; now normally when it comes to an Essie release I am all over every single colour as quick as you can say ‘polish’. I haul my booty to the nearest shop, pick up every single shade available and spend the next few days alternating nail colours until I’ve tried them all out.

However, when it came to this latest release, I have to admit I was slightly uninspired by the shade range, unusually. I felt like a lot of the shades were incredibly similar to those that we had seen before, and I didn’t think that there were necessarily too many colours to get particularly excited about – apart from these two that I picked up. And while I’m sure that both of these are fairly similar to past Essie releases, they are unlike anything I currently have in my nail polish stash and both of them make ruddy brilliant additions to my line-up.

We’ll start with Garden Variety, the colour that is currently on my nails. This shade is a really deep turquoise-y blue, which I think is a great winter -> spring transitional shade. It’s not too over-the-top bright, but it’s also not too deep, dark and wintry. Think of it as being the best of both worlds. Formula-wise, I’ve found it to be really lovely and opaque; you can use just the one coat if needed, but I always opt for two, just to be on the safe side!

Moving on to Flowerista, which is a beautiful purple-toned fuchsia shade that I think will look so ruddy pretty on every single skin tone; the shade is universally flattering and it’s the perfect pink tone that allows you to indulge in a girly shade, without it looking overly sickly or sweet. No Barbie nails here ladies.

Now, my only bugbear with both of these polishes is the brush – for some reason neither of them have that nice thick cuticle-clinger of a brush and instead just have a really generic teeny tiny one which is a bit ruddy rubbish really. But if you’re able to get past that, then they both get two big, perfectly-lacquered thumbs up from me! Now roll on the warmer weather…


4 thoughts on “Spring has arrived on my nails: Essie Flowerista and Garden Variety

  1. Alexis Ruiz says:

    It’s beautiful!! The combination of the nail polishes.

  2. nyrmirez says:

    I am currently wearing Garden Variety and I love it! Such a beautiful color.

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