Hair1* serge normant avah eau de parfum // c/o $60 *

When I first learned about the concept of hair perfume, I admit I thought it was a little bit silly. Because really, I thought, how is hair perfume going to be any different to normal perfume? 

My thought process remained much the same when a bottle of the Serge Normant Avah Eau de Parfum (c/o $60) landed on my desk a few weeks ago, and the bottle went unopened for quite some time, before I finally got my act together, opened it up and discovered what a ruddy fool I had been to ever doubt the brilliance of such a unique product.

Because, despite my skepticism, hair perfume really is all that different to a normal fragrance, and this luxurious offering in particular offers so much more than the average scent. The actual fragrance of the product is one of those incredible spa-like smells, rich with floral notes like ylang ylang and jasmine, which have been blended with the deeper fragrances of amber and soft wood.

The scent also blends incredibly well with almost every other fragrance; I’ve been wearing the hair perfume daily, while also continuing to use my normal every day scents, and haven’t once noticed an issue with the two fragrances mixing and blending together. In fact, the scent of the hair perfume is almost like an afterthought – it just lingers lightly on the hair throughout the day.

It’s hard to place my finger on exactly what makes it so appealing, but the overall fragrance is such so rich and luxurious, I can’t imagine anyone ever not wanting to douse every inch of themselves in it – and if I had a larger bottle, I probably would.

And, as if the smell itself weren’t enough, this product also has the most incredible staying power – just a couple of spritzes over my locks will ensure that my hair stays smelling sweet throughout the day. And if I feel like getting a slightly bigger poof of fragrance, I just do an incredibly lame hair swish, and the scent surrounds me once more.

So yes, perhaps hair perfume isn’t an absolute must-have beauty product, but it certainly is the most fun one I’ve tried in a while – and what more of an excuse do you need other than that?


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