Bite1* bite beauty five night fix for lips // c/o $15 *

As much as I love New York, its recent frosty conditions have done my face no favors. My skin has been a lot drier than usual, my eyes and nose have done nothing but stream and my lips have been left cracked, dry and really rather painful. And while the weather has, thankfully, started to take a turn for the sunny, the after-effects of all that chilly weather remain.

But when it comes to the lip aspect at least, I think I’ve managed to find the perfect solution. Enter the Bite Beauty Five Night Fix for Lips (c/o $15)a unique two-step treatment which consists of an exfoliating stick – the brand’s Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub – and an overnight soothing lip balm – the Agave Lip Mask.

The idea is that you use the two products, scrub first, mask second, each night for five nights in a row and at the end of that period of time, you’re left with silky smooth, nourished lips. Not a crack or flake in sight! And d’you know what? It really does work. Plus, the little kit, which comes in the cutest jar, goes a lot further than the initial five-night treatment stage – I’ve had this kit for a fair few weeks now and it’s still going strong.

And because the clever people and Bite know that you’ll be using the products overnight, they’ve made sure that every ingredient in them is totally safe for consumption – in other words, if you lick your lips at night, you won’t be gobbling up anything that could cause you any harm. Clever, huh? 


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