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Funding my beauty obsession can, at times, be fairly pricey. And while I absolutely love all of the pricier products within my beauty stash, from skincare to make-up, there are also some absolutely tip top budget bits and pieces that have completely captured my beauty-obsessed heart during the past few months.

Skincare-wise, the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser ($5.99) has been a main fixture on my skincare shelves for months now, and I really can’t see that any time soon. It certainly might not look like the most glamorous product in the world, and it has none of the added frills or scents or fancy packaging that you would likely find on some higher-end alternatives. However, when a cleanser performs as effectively and brilliantly as this one does, all that other stuff seems to completely disappear.

Similarly, Vaseline ($2.99) is another beauty product which I think tends to get overlooked quite a lot; while the packaging has improved of late – look at that cute swirly design! – it’s really not the sexiest of beauty products. But it just comes in oh-so handy! It’s one of those brilliantly cheap products that will always come through when you need it to – and will always perform in the same reliable way as it has done for years before. It’s the beauty equivalent of a safety blanket! 

Moving on to make-up, I have three budget-friendly beauty bits to mention; first up, the CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation ($7.99)a product which has been the subject of much praise on this here blog. The formula is great; it hides everything I need it to without creating any cake-yness on the skin, and it last for pretty much the whole day, particularly when paired with the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Spray and Set Make Up Extender Setting Spray ($13.99).

Boy is it ace. As too is the L’Oreal Magic De-Crease Primer ($8.99) which is just such an excellent alternative to all of those high-priced primer alternatives. So much so in fact that I’ve never really seen the need to opt for anything more expensive – this bad boy does the job just fine.

Then we come to beauty tools – which I think can tend to be a lot harder to track down from the more budget beauty brands, while still ensuring you get the same high level of quality and performance. Well, luckily, these two nail that balance perfectly. Take, for example, the Claire’s Flat Kabuki Brush ($4), which is without a doubt my all-time favourite foundation blending brush ever. EVER. Not only is it an excellent colour – who doesn’t love neon pink!? – it also helps to give me the most beautifully blended, natural-looking foundation. It’s the absolute dream and I don’t think I ever want to go back to lie before I found it.

And joining that brush of brilliance is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge ($6.99) which works alongside the aforementioned brush of dreams to ensure that everything is blended perfectly into my skin. And for those of you wondering whether to shell out the extra ten or so dollars in order to invest in a Beauty Blender – I think this one works just as well…! 

Here’s to saving our pennies beauty lovers!


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