Whenever I go away, be it for a weekend, a week, a month, I like to take the opportunity to try out a few different beauty bits and pieces – I have a whole stash of teeny weeny products that I’ve picked up from goody bags, that I’ve been given along with my Sephora purchases, that I’ve got alongside magazines, and it’s these that are popped into the wash bag first above all else.

And this past weekend, I took two particularly brilliant bits away with me – one old, a tried and tested favourite, and one new, something I’ve never tried before.

First up, an oldie, but a goodie, the Nude Skincare ProGenius Treatment OilIt’s been a really long time since I last used this properly – I finished up my first full-size bottle of this about six months ago, and had so many other oils to work my way through that I didn’t feel the need to repurchase it. And to be completely honest, I’d forgotten just how ruddy great it is.

Having lived through a few weeks of seriously chilly weather, my skin was thrilled to get the chance to drink this stuff up and, come morning, my face felt so much softer, my complexion was plumper and my skin looked so much healthier and happier. It was just great – and I’m already eyeing up my second full-size bottle…

Then there’s the new kid on the block – the Philosophy Hope in a Jar Eye Cream. Now, I’ve actually been on the look out for a new eye cream for a while now; my current eye treatment is running dangerously low and, having used the same product now for several years, I feel like the time has come to change things up.

And, do you know what? This tiny pot of greatness could well be a contender.

The formula of this eyecream is rich and nourishing – and yet it has such a lovely lightweight texture, almost verging on a cream gel mix. And it feels so light and refreshing on my eyes, which really helps to handle any puffiness and tiredness, which, in all honesty, is pretty much an issue all of the time these days. Sigh.

Looks like another full-size purchase is on the cards, eh?


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