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Earlier this month, I took part in a work project which involved me going five whole days without washing my hair. I know. Now as some of you may remember from this post, I don’t really deal well with unclean hair so I made sure to stock up with as many dry shampoo-type products as possible, so as to ensure that my hair – while dirty – would at least remain grease-free.

The first product that I put to the test was the Drybar Detox Dry Shampoowhich I happened to have in a travel size. Now, I’ll be honest, when I first tried this, I wasn’t too impressed – it made my hair more sticky than it did clean – but after giving it a good shake and applying slightly less product to my roots, the formula has been working really ruddy well. It doesn’t leave loads of white residue, it doesn’t make my hair feel weighed down with product and it smells really love.

Moving on to the Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry ShampooWeird name aside – which, I’ll be honest, is pretty much the reason that I bought it – this product is a bit meh as far as I’m concerned. It did add a bit of oomph and volume to my hair – hurrah! – but in terms of actually refreshing my hair, it didn’t really do too much.

Then there’s the TreSemme Fresh Start Renewing Dry Shampoo. This one kind of sits nicely in between the two aforementioned products, both in terms of price and quality. The effect of the formula isn’t hugely noticeable in terms of making my hair look cleaner – it certainly didn’t work any miracles when it came to saving me from greasy roots after I had gone several days washing. But, it also wasn’t awful, and my hair did look lovely and volumous after use.

To be honest, I’m not sure any of these bad boys is going to beat my all-time favourite – Batiste – but, if I had to choose one to use from here on out, I’m going to go with the Drybar offering because I believe that it offered the most in terms of its formula. Most of the time however, I’m going to stick to washing my a hair a bit more regularly…


One thought on “Battle of the dry shampoos

  1. Herbal Essence have brought out a really nice one that smells beautiful!!

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