OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA* beauty blender solid blendercleanser // $16 *

I hate washing my brushes. It’s probably – no, definitely – my least favourite beauty-related task, mainly because it’s just so ruddy time-consuming and boring.

Recently however, while browsing through the aisles of Sephora, I came across the Beauty Blender Solid BlenderCleanser ($16), which is essentially a small pot that has been filled with a solid soap, which you can use to wash your brushes. All you have to do is remove the lid, wet the bristles of your brush and swirl it round in the dish that contains the soap. Rinse it off and boom, you’re done!

Now I know this might not seem that much easier than washing your brushes with liquid soap, however, being able to save the time of pouring out the soap into my hand etc, plus being able to avoid having a prune-y hand for hours after washing my brushes, really does make the whole brush washing experience that much more bearable.

Plus, the soap is incredibly effective; there’s something about using a solid soap as opposed to a liquid that is so much easier and more efficient. My brushes are left looking super clean, feeling super soft and the soap leaves no strong scent either, which is always a bonus.

Needless to say my brushes will be getting a bit more attention from now on…!


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