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During the past few months, I’ve slowly started building up what is, I think, a pretty impressive collection of Bite Beauty products. I’ve got lipsticks, I’ve got lip crayons, I’ve got lip balms – and yes, before you ask, I already have the lip colour removing wipes on order from Sephora.

So I thought the time had come to pay a little tribute to this beauty brand that has so quickly captured my heart – and my wallet – and explain to you all just why I think the products are so ace.

First of all, there’s the fancy packaging. I love a good matte container. The Nars ones rock my world – particularly the packaging on the new lipstick line – and the offerings from Bite are no different. Everything just looks so sleek. Then there are the formulas, which tend to lean slightly more towards the matte end of the lipstick scale, but don’t in any way dry out the lips or highlight any unsightly cracks or chapped, flaky bits – a dream if you live in a cold and windy city (hello New York!) and tend to have dry lips all the darn time.

I’m also a big old fan of Bite’s lipcare line – the Agave Lip Mask is the absolute dream when it comes to treating the aforementioned dry lip issues, and the Whipped Cherry Scrub smells and tastes just as sweet as the name would suggest – plus it helps to leave lips looking totally flake-free, without aggravating or drying them out further.

In other words, I just think Bite is really on the money with everything its doing. The range of shades is huge, the products are all well thought-out and they’re all pretty immense quality, which I know not many brands can say about every product in their line-up.

And no, before y’all ask, this isn’t a sponsored post, I just wanted to share the love and highlight the products that have been jazzing up my lips of late.


3 thoughts on “A Bite Beauty obsession

  1. tessgalen says:

    really need to try out some Bite products! All the colors look great and I love that they are made from good ingredients.

  2. Ovonni says:

    So cute, want that for my lip!

  3. Love Bite Beauty! I recently became infatuated with their line and bought a ton of lipsticks. Their Agave Mask is a great night treatment for dry lips.

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