Yes, there is still snow on the ground. Yes, it’s still below freezing outside. And yes, I still have to wear a coat, gloves and scarf at all times when heading out into the world so as to avoid frostbite but despite all of that, I am almost certain that Spring is indeed just around the corner. The weather, while still chilly, is so much warmer than it has been during the past few weeks, there are tiny birds singing in the trees, the sun has been shining and I am ready for the warm seasons to arrive.

So in that spirit, I did a wee Spring-themed candle shop at Bath and Body Works, which is pretty much my all-time favourite place to buy candles these days, in order to pick up a few fresh warm weather scents, which I thought I’d share with you guys today.

The first two I popped into my basket were my favourites from last year – I picked them both up during my holiday to New York in June last year and couldn’t wait to grab them again this year – Lemon Mint Leaf and Honeysuckle BouquetBoth of these fragrances are so fresh and light; the lemon and mint leaf has all the freshness of the mint, which fills the room even after the first ten minutes, but it doesn’t have any of that sickly sweetness that peppermint candles tend to have, for example, because the acidity and brightness of the lemon cuts through giving the scent a super subtle tang, which ties the whole thing together brilliantly.

Then there’s the honeysuckle scent (boy that’s a fun thing to say). Honeysuckle is one of my all-time favourite fragrances anyway, but this candle seems to bring together all of the best bits of it – there’s the fresh floral scent, which makes you feel as though your lying outside in the garden in summer, even when it’s cold and windy outside, and the subtle sweet honeyed undertones which add a nice warmth to the overall fragrance. Similarly, the Lilac Blossom has that same bright fresh floral fragrance to it, but without the sweeter edge – it literally smells like you have your head inside the most beautiful bouquet, and I actually think it is going to work really well when burnt alongside the honeysuckle scent. Watch this space.

Last up is the Fresh Water and Sea Salt, which I actually bought on a bit of a whim mainly because I liked the colour and the idea of having an ocean-y scent in my room. And when I gave it a sniff in the store, it smelled nice but by no means blew me away. Then I started burning it. The scent of this candle is so much more once it is lit and it just manages to fill the entire room with this fresh-scented air, which honestly makes you feel as though you are walking along the seaside – without any of the funky fishy/seaweed smells that you may actually encounter when out by the ocean. It’s the perfect Spring scent in my opinion and has actually become the unlikely favourite of this whole bunch.


One thought on “The haul #20: Bath and Body Works spring candles

  1. I love having candles around the house, they make everything seem so calm and lovely. I also like walking in from work and smelling them because my favourite scents always make me feel at home and relaxed. I am hoping to move soon and I can’t wait to go on a ‘candle haul’ myself! Loved this post 🙂 xx

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