* gobble *

I won’t lie, I am writing this as I’m about to rush out of my door to go and spend some weekend fun with a family friend who has come to visit, woo hoo.

So please excuse me for being so brief!

Five favourites

Place: BED. As mentioned last week I have been exhausted recently and have pretty much been spending all of my spare time here, haha.

Food: The Harvest Bowl from Sweetgreen.Holy moly is it good.

Experience: The weekend that is still yet to happen!

Read/watch: I’m finally reading Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch which I’m really enjoying, but it is quite a tricky one to read on the subway – just because you have to maintain a good amount of concentration. BUT it is really great.

Beauty bit: The Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc nail polish. I’m absolutely loving both colours at the moment – they apply like a dream, dry quickly and last for ages. Two perfectly-manicured thumbs up!

Have a good weekend everyone and don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram and @CharlieLanks!


* it’s still christmas in connecticut *


* obsessed with this michael kors look *


* selfie *


* blue skies and skyscrapers *


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