For those of you who don’t know, I made a big old move from London to New York about four months ago in order to start a new job over here in the Big Apple. Needless to say I was pretty excited about the whole thing, particularly – I’ll be honest – because the move meant that I was going to have access to all of the amazing American beauty products that weren’t available in the UK, from budget drugstore brands to high-end stores, like Sephora.

And while you may have noticed from all of my US-based haul posts (you can read those here if you need to catch up), I’ve had a pretty superb time exploring all of the new beauty buying options that have been made available to me over here and I like to think that I’ve taken full advantage of the amazing access that I’ve had to new brands and products that I just couldn’t lay my little paws on in the UK.

However, for anyone in the UK who, like me, has felt a wee bit jealous of the beauty brilliance over here in the US, I just wanted to point out that we are also missing a fair few of my former favourites, which just don’t seem to be as readily available in this country as they were in Boots and Superdrug back home.

Boujois is a brand in particular that I am missing so much. So many people keep waxing lyrical about its latest releases – there’s a face powder and some eyeshadow sticks that I’m seriously keen to try – and I just can’t seem to find them anywhere here in the US. Bourjois just isn’t a brand that seems to be sold in many, if any, stores. Sob.

Then there’s Barry M and Collection. Two of my all-time favourite budget brands, both of which stock a fair few of what I would consider to be my ‘staple’ make-up items, and yet neither of them can be found over here in the US. Yes, we have alternatives – I think Wet n Wild and Nyx are probably the closest we have – but neither, in my opinion, boast products that can beat my most-loved Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer or the Barry M Jelly Hi-Shine Nail Polish, for example.

And when it comes to some British beauty brands that are in fact stocked over here, I’ve often found that they don’t have anywhere near as impressive a selection of products – up until about a week ago, Rimmel was missing my most-loved Kate Moss x Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 30, while, for some reason, Maybelline US doesn’t seem to sell the amazing Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil or the Forever Strong Super Stay 7 Days Nail Polish.

Then there are high end brands like Jo Malone and Sarah Chapman. Yes, they are available over here – thank goodness – but all of the products are priced even higher than they are back home.

Now, I’m not saying all of this to try and evoke some sympathy from  y’all – I’m just trying to let you British beauty lovers know that you’ve got some pretty ace brands out there yourself, so try not to be too envious of the situation here in the US and embrace what you have back home. And, if that doesn’t work, who wants to do a beauty trade, eh?!


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