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A couple of weeks ago, I paid a cheeky visit to my local Sephora in order to stock up on some new skincare additions. My skin has been a bit eh recently – I don’t know if it’s because of the freezing weather or because of something I’m eating or drinking – and, in an attempt to calm it on down, I’ve been introducing a few new products into my routine.

And while some of these new products have failed, completely and utterly, to make any kind of difference, there is one particular combo that has really been helping me to make a big move away from all of those bad skincare days.

Say hello to the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser ($35) and the Kate Somerville Clarifying Treatment Toner ($26)

Now, the first of those two products is something that has been on my wish list for months; so many people have raved about this that it really only was a matter of time before it ended up on my shelf. This clay-based cleanser has a slightly weird consistency – it’s a lot more watery than any other clay cleansers I’ve tried – but that actually helps it to feel really lightweight and smooth on the skin. It leaves my skin feeling really clean, yet soft and nourished, without a single trace of dryness, making it ideal for the chilly winter weather.

Then we move onto Kate Somerville. While I made a beeline for the cleanser from the minute I stepped into the store, this product was more of an ‘in the moment’ purchase; I needed a new acid toner, spotted this on the shelf and though why not?! I’m such a huge fan of all of my other Kate Somerville products and felt that this one would be no different. As far as acids go, this one feels fairly gentle on the skin. I get the slightest of tingles when I use it – enough that it feels as though it’s working well, but not enough that it becomes uncomfortable.

Both products together strike that perfect balance between keeping my skin really clean and also ensuring that it stays smooth, soft and nourished. It’s a fine line, and yet somehow this combo hits it right in the middle.

And, as one final bonus point, I have to say I’m a huge fan of the packaging of both of these products. The Ceramic Slip comes complete with a pump – hurrah! – while the toner has one of those fancy pump systems which allows you to press down your cotton wool pad so that it distributes the product directly onto it. It’s seriously fancy. 

So, slowly but surely, my skincare routine is transforming into something seriously effective. At long last! Now all I need is for the weather to improve and perhaps everything will be back to normal once and for all…


One thought on “A new skincare pair

  1. What a great duo, I want to try both of those!

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