Deo1Deo2* lavanila the healthy deodorant pure vanilla solid stick // $8 *

I’m sure a lot of you are aware by now that I am a big old sucker for a well-hyped product. If other people are talking about it, I have to have it. In other words, I am a marketing person’s dream. And when I happen upon one of these oft-talked about products, the decision to chuck ’em on in to my shopping basket is pretty much instantaneous.

However, when it came to the Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant in Pure  Vanilla ($8)I was a bit more hesitant that usual. Yes, I had head this product raved about on countless occasions, and yes, the product in question was indeed only a small test size found in those most dangerous Sephora aisles which surround you as you approach the tills, but despite all of that, a huge part of me could not stop thinking about how much of a gimmick the whole healthy deodorant thing may be.

You see, I’ve tried and tested a few of the more ‘natural’ deodorant alternatives in the past – crystals and water, liquids, sticks (the creamy deodorant kind, not the kind you find in a woodland), the whole shebang – and yet I have never managed to find an option which actually works. We’re talking odour protection from noon till night here, we are talking pit-stain free shirts all the livelong day (sorry, TMI), and if a deodorant can’t deliver that then into the bin it goes.

Eager to try and wipe this previous disappointment from my mind however, the Healthy Deodorant was popped into my basket and brought on home, where I have been trying it out for the past couple of weeks now. So, my thoughts. When I first apply the deodorant, which comes in the same creamy stick form that I mentioned earlier, the thing that strikes me straight away is how cooling it feels on my underarms. Not in a cold, wet kind of way, but in a oooh, fresh kind of way, which is actually a delightful sensation first thing in the morning.

Moving on, provided you don’t over do it with the application, it doesn’t seem to leave any obvious marks on clothing – hurrah – and it doesn’t itch, burn or irritate your skin, even when you may have gone a bit OTT with the razor the day before. Plus it smells simply incredible. Not too sweet (don’t panic, it doesn’t make you smell like you’ve just rubbed cake and frosting under there) but subtly sweet enough that you notice something appealing.

And for the first few hours that I wear it, I’m happy to report that all is a-ok in the scent department – as well as in the perspiration department. A few hours after that and all is still well, marvellously. However, during those last few hours of the day, I really started to notice a difference – and, I’m so sorry for the detail, really felt like I was starting to smell slightly, which is not a sensation I ever have with my trusty Secret Clinical Strength option. Maybe it’s just me – maybe I go a bit too hard at the office – but it really did feel to me like the effects just sort of wore off after eight or so hours of wear – not something you want when you’re working in close proximity to other humans…

So, for some afternoon cover, or even if you’re heading out in the evening, I say go for it. Because this deodorant, frankly, is a lot healthier than the formulas that you are no doubt used to picking up on the drugstore. It’s made with natural ingredients which nurture and care for the skin, and, as I mentioned before, it would irritate your underarm at all, which is a marvel if you suffer from sensitive skin. Just don’t go running any marathons and relying on this bad boy to keep you dry…


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