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I love a good at-home manicure. I change the colour of my nails once, sometimes even twice, a week and, in order to ensure that my nails don’t crumble and fall to pieces, I’ve had to invest in a pretty hefty number of tip top nail care products, from cuticle gels and oils to nail files and base coats.

So when I heard that one of my favourite nail polish brands, Ciate, had expanded its range to include a collection of treatments and care products, I knew I had to give them a go.

The range includes a variety of adorably-packaged products, including sweetly-scented nail polish remover pots, treatment pens and base coats; without a doubt, however, the thing that I was most excited to try was most definitely the Ciate Mint Choc Pot Fragranced Nail Polish Remover (c/o)Who doesn’t want a nail care product that is as brilliantly fragranced as one of my favourite ice cream flavours?!

Sadly, as expected, the nail polish remover pot, which is much dinkier than the Bourjois alternative, making it ideal for travel, does still have that traditional acetone-y scent while you’re using it. However, once the remover solution dries on your fingers and nails, they are left smelling deliciously chocolate-y. Plus, the formula is full to the brim with marula oil and vitamin e, which means it doesn’t dry out your nails or your cuticles. Bear in mind, it isn’t particularly brilliant when it comes to removing glitter polish – no surprise there – but when it comes to regular polish, it works just fine.

Moving on to the treatment pens and one of my favourite products from the range, the Ciate Beautiful Cuticles Marula Oil (c/o)I’ve always had an issue with dry, sore cuticles – particularly at this time of year – and I usually end up carrying around some kind of cuticle treatment in my bag just in case of emergencies when I’m out and about. Well gone are they days of me lugging around a bottle of oil; this pen is by far the most convenient applicator that I’ve tried so far. Plus, the marula oil formula is so unbelievably nourishing, it worked wonders on my cuticles, leaving them feeling noticeably more nourished and soft.

Now the other two products that I’ve tried are the ones that I have’t quite got my head around yet. The Ciate Nail Quench Nail Guard (c/o) claims to be both a treatment for dry and brittle nails and a base coat. Now the treatment part I can totally understand – and appreciate – but I’m not really sure that it works on its own as a base coat. Personally I would still want to apply a stand-alone base coat before whacking on some polish.

Then there’s there Ciate Status Grow Nail Grow Treatment (c/o) which is – surprise! – an overnight treatment aimed at helping to strengthen and lengthen short, weak nails. Currently, that’s not an issue that I’m suffering from so, having used this once and not really noticed a huge amount of difference, I’ve popped it in a drawer ready for the time when I do need some assistance in the nail growing department.

All in all, I thoroughly impressed with the whole Ciate treatment line – or at least the elements of it that I’ve had a chance to try. It’s well-thought out, delightfully packaged and not overly expensive – ideal for those looking to treat themselves to an DIY manicure without breaking the bank…


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