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After a rather disastrous week, skincare-wise, I thought it was high time that I share with you a couple of my current favourite concealers, the products that I have been using to try and cover up any and all ugly bits, lumps and bumps on my face.

And, aside from their ace concealing properties, the great thing that both of these concealers have in common is that the tiniest bit of product goes the longest way – which somehow means that they blend a whole heap easier too.

First, there’s the Tarte CC Undereye Correctorwhich has been helping me to hide any and all evidence of tiredness and stress, concealing any dark circles – of which there are many – and ensuring that any redness is completely covered up. Much like other similar correctors, the Tarte CC concealer is peach-toned, which helps to balance out any blueness in my eye bags.

As I mentioned back in this post, the concealer can be a bit tricky to work with at first but, after warming it up slightly, the formula blends so beautifully into my skin, with just the teeniest of dabs melting out to cover every bit of eye bag – remaining crease-free throughout the day too.

Then there’s my new Maybelline Master Conceal Camouflaging Concealera fairly new release, which I added to my supplies just a few weeks ago.The formula is amazingly pigmented – but unlike a lot of other concealers, the consistency is very liquid, which makes it easy to blend. It does however mean that you have to be really careful about application – just one squeeze to many and you can end up with a whole face and neck’s worth of concealer just to cover up one lone zit.

Other than that however, it really is a keeper. The formula is smooth and easy-to-blend, and it offers pretty good, buildable coverage, which won’t cake on the skin, or dry out.

Now all I need is for my skin to start cooperating as well as my concealer is and I’ll be happy as Larry… 


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