PTR* peter thomas roth pumpkin enzyme mask // $58 *

Every now and then, I come across a product that makes me go ‘wow’, right from the word go. The Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask ($58) is one such product.

Having spied this bad boy over on Anna’s blog – where she has raved about it a fair few times – I grabbed a pot of my own during a recent trip to Sehpora. If my past Anna-inspired purchases are anything to go by, her recommendations tend to go down seriously well, and I had high hopes that this would be a similar story.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Although odd to apply at first – the formula is quite gloopy, with a really light graininess to it, which helps to exfoliate your skin gently while you put on and while you remove the mask. For those of you that have tried the Nude Miracle Maskthe grainy texture of that is very similar to this one, meaning it works as a double whammy of exfoliation. The graininess serves as a physical exfoliant, which actually feels delightfully soothing, while you rub it in to apply, then the mask’s AHAs get to work to slough away any dead skin cells while you leave the mask to sit on your face.

And after scrubbing it away, the results of all that exfoliation are pretty much immediate to see – my skin felt so much smoother, it looked brighter, and felt so refreshed and clear. Plus, the next day, my skin was noticeably changed – less redness, fewer scary-looking blemishes, brighter complexion. It’s like the equivalent of a proper twelve-hour sleep…

In other words, this mask is the ideal antidote to any and all dull skin woes – and has been my absolute go-to during these past few winter weeks. Plus, the ‘less is more’ formula means that this mask, while not the cheapest on the block, looks likely to last for months, if not years! Freeing me up to spend a few more pennies in the aisles of Sephora…. Right?!


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