I’ve been on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ white nail polish for months. I’ve seen so many people flaunting these beautifully opaque white nails, on their blogs, on Instagram, on Twitter – the list goes on – and I’ve been eager to try and replicate the look at home myself.

But, being the fussy lady that I am, I’ve never quite been able to find the ideal choice. The shades have always been too matte, too sheer, too white (yes, that’s right!), just never quite right. After a while, and a lot of searching, I decided the time had come to just delve on in with the next appropriate polish to come along.

Enter Icing’s Opaque Nail Polish in Little White Lie ($5.50)Nice and opaque, a good shade of white, it is about as close as I’ve come to finding my perfect white shade – an opinion which continued after I first applied it to my nails too.

But despite its effortlessly laid-back appearance – I’ve always thought white nails as being the ultimately easy-breezy nail look – there are a few things to bear in mind when you try this trend out for yourself.

White nail polish stains – Even if you take the greatest care to keep you nails as clean as clean can be, the shade is 99.9 per cent likely to discolour after a few days of wear. Nothing drastic, but enough to notice a difference.

* Matte might not work – White being what it is in terms of colour, I feel like a matte white polish would very quickly descend into a horrendously messy state, drawing dirt to it like a ruddy magnet. Shiny nails are a lot easier thanks to their ‘wipe free’ finish so this option tends to be a much easier selection when it comes to white.

* You don’t necessarily need a tan – I used to think that white nails would only work on tanned, brown fingers. But I’ve come round to the realisation that it can actually work really well on any skintone. So, if you’re pale as pale can be, never fret, white polish is still an option.

So, there you have it. My secrets to pulling off the perfect ‘Tippex’ nail. Now all I need is some hair mascara, some tattoo chain necklaces and I could be back at the disco…


One thought on “My tips for embracing white nails

  1. mandagomes says:

    I have been on a white nail craze forever! I don’t want to paint my toes any other colour. I love the way it looks.

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