LipLava1 LipLava2 LipLava3* cover girl lip lava // $7.99 *

While browsing in the aisles of Duane Reade a couple of weeks ago – one of my favourite lunchtime activities – I came across a (fairly?) new release from Cover Girl, a line of Lip Lava Colorlicious Lip Glosses.

Now I don’t usually go out of my way to pick up new lip glosses – I’m more of a lipstick lover – but something about these bold, shimmery shades had me hooked at first sight. Eager to try and exercise a bit of restraint however, I picked up just one single shade, the Cover Girl Lip Lava in Live Love Lava ($7.99)a bright, brilliantly-pigmented red shade that is unlike any other gloss in my collection.

And while I know the formula looks so glittery both in the packaging and in the swatch, I promise it doesn’t show up like that on the lips. As you can (hopefully) see from the above images, the lip gloss actually gives a really lovely tint to the lips, adding a natural-looking boost of shine, without any obvious  bits of shimmer.

When you first apply the lip gloss, it does feel quite sticky – the formula is fairly thick and tacky – but that feeling disappears after just a few minutes of wear. Instead, the gloss seems to dry down slightly, leaving behind a bold colour, a bright shine and not one hint of stickiness, thank goodness.

All in all, a ruddy great addition to my lip gloss collection, and one which I’m happy to admit I’ve worn almost every single day since purchasing. Maybe I will have to venture back for a few more shades after all…


One thought on “A new lip obsession: Cover Girl Lip Lava

  1. Dorkchops says:

    It looks soooo pretty! ❤ Loving the recent releases of intensely pigmented lip products! 🙂

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