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As I’m sure you all know by now, I am a big ole fan of Lush and their wondrous array of beautiful bombs, bubble bars and other bath-based treats. But more than anything else, my favourite aspect of Lush has always been their brilliant limited edition holiday products. From Christmas to Halloween to Easter – and now Valentine’s Day – they know how to help you celebrate the festivities in true style.

And with my boyfriend currently living on the other side of the globe – sob – I figured a bit of (albeit premature) Valentine’s Day cheer was in order so off I marched to my local Lush shop in order to stock up on a few loved-up goodies.

Now, be warned, Lush is an absolute treasure trove of bright colours, glitter and sweet scents at the moment – and in all honesty, I was quite overwhelmed by all of the brilliant choices surrounding me. But, after much deliberation, sniffing, testing and even sampling, I opted for a few of the most interesting and unique bits and pieces.

First up is the only product that I knew 100% i was going to buy – the Lush Unicorn Horn ($7.95), an amazingly shimmery, multi-coloured bubble bar flecked with stars and sparkles. The whole thing is scented with a mix of lavender, ylang ylang and neroli, resulting in a floral, yet sweet fragrance that lingers in the bathroom even after the last drops of water have drained away. In other words, it is just beautiful. And I knew right away that I needed to have it.

It seems however that the world and his wife felt the same way about the unicorn horn, because it was totally sold out. Sob. However, I managed to get hold of the very last one hidden away in the Lush In Your Dreams Gift Box ($23.95), which not only includes the highly sought-after unicorn horn, but also a sample size of the Prince Charming Shower Gel ($9.95) and The Kiss Lip Gloss ($7.95), which both add a fun traditional pink Valentine’s day feeling to the whole thing. Both of them smell ace and they’ve made delightfully festive additions to my bathroom.

Then there is the Love Locket Bath Bomb ($11.95)an incredible three-in-one bath product which splits cleanly in half to reveal a hidden bath bomb surprise inside. Each half of the heart locket, plus its interior, serves as a single bath bomb, leaving you with three baths’ worth of fizzing fun. Or, if you’re feeling a bit more fancy, drop the whole thing in at once and enjoy the most luxurious bath time ever.

So, whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone, with multiple people, alone, or whether you’re ignoring it altogether, just make sure you get your booty to Lush and stock up on a few things to see you through the weekend at least.


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