Following on from my last beauty myth debunking session – which you can read here, if you fancy! – I thought I’d make a move away from skincare and onto haircare.

It seems to me that there has been a lot written recently about how often, and with what products, you should be washing your hair. Some people argue that washing your hair too much can leave it looking limp and lacklustre, with many claiming that washing your hair just once a week is really the best way forward.

So, being a pretty big fan of regular hair washing – I tend to wash my hair every other day, depending on gym routine etc – I decided that I’d give that theory a go, to see whether or not the beauty logic would prove to be true.

The big weekly wash took place on Sunday evening (I even threw in a hair mask!) and, on Monday, my hair was delightfully shiny and smooth, as I’d expect after such special treatment. On Tuesday, it didn’t have quite the same silky smooth quality but was still fine in terms of both appearance and feel. It didn’t look greasy and it didn’t feel uncomfortable or unpleasant.

By Wednesday however, having missed my first normally-scheduled wash, my hair had started to get a wee bit greasy around the roots – and I admit, I couldn’t really face doing anything else with it other than shoving it all up into a top knot and trying to avoid looking in the mirror.

Come Thursday, it was pretty darn bad. Greasy at the roots and so seriously frizzy at the ends. In all honesty, I was so desperate to wash it, I was tempted to dunk my head in the loo at work just to try and get rid of some of the greasiness. But, you’ll no doubt be pleased to hear, I opted for some dry shampoo instead and – you guessed it! – yet another top knot.

Friday and Saturday involved a lot more dry shampoo, kirby grips to keep down those stray frizzy fly aways – which increased in number on a daily basis – and many many a slicked-back top knot. But in truth, while I managed to whip my hair into a fairly presentable state each and every day, it just felt grim. And it felt unhealthy.

All I wanted to do at the end of the seven days was lather up some shampoo and treat the ends with some seriously strong and thick conditioner because, beyond the appearance of my hair, which I can cope with to be honest – I don’t mind looking like a mess every now and then! – the whole experiment left my hair looking and feeling damaged. The roots were greasy, yes, but the ends were just frazzled due to the lack of conditioner and the stress of the constant top knot action.

So, my thoughts on this haircare myth? It’s true, you probably can get away with washing your hair once a week, in theory. But I think it really depends on you, your hair type and what feels comfortable for you. As far as I’m concerned, washing my hair just once a week really doesn’t work. But if you’re lucky enough to be able to get away with it, I say go for it…

UPDATE: So many of you have commented with different thoughts on this – and it’s been so interesting reading what you all have to say! I think this really does depend on the person and the individual hair type however what a lot of people have suggested, and rightly so, is that if you’re eager to start washing your hair more infrequently – for whatever reason – you may need to give your hair time to adjust to the new routine, before you can expect your hair to look as lovely as it did when you were washing it every day or so.


9 thoughts on “Debunking beauty myths: ‘You only need to wash your hair once a week’

  1. amalialoves says:

    You should wash your hair as often as it needs it! If you can get away with washing it once a week then be it but if you have fine hair and it’s greasy the next day after you wash it how can you wait a week??!! Once a week wash is definitely a myth!

  2. I try and wash my hair as little as possible – it could be that this was the first week you tried it, so your hair was expecting to be washed. My hair has grown used to being washed 2-3 times a week and usually day 1 after the event is silky, day 2 is a bit lacklustre, day 3 is fine and often times day 4 gives me loads more body and volume!

  3. CariadCarys says:

    I was my hair twice a week maximum upon recommendation from a hairdresser years ago. It won’t be fun the first week or so because your hair will expect to be cleaned. Mine doesn’t get greasy for a long time now and there is never an ‘ew’ day between washes! X

  4. I have to wash my hair every day because it gets greasy by day 2 and I haven’t found a dry shampoo I like yet! I do have a friend who washes every 4-5 days and she has a whole routine – days 1-2 she wears it down when it’s nice and clean, day 3-4 she curls it with a straightener to start to mask the grease or “dirtiness” and day 5 she puts it up lol

  5. nessagiron says:

    I wash my hair once week. However! I do have extremely curly hair so naturally its a lot more dry. It doesnt actually tend to build up oil until about day 5 give or take a day. I think hair washing is a personal thing. This works for me, I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone though. Its just not necessary for some hair.

  6. Whitney says:

    I used to wash my hair every day, but now I’m also down to about 3 times a week!

  7. brazenrouge says:

    Im a 3-4 times a week girl and even then I have bad hair days. God alone knows how you did it! Well done x

  8. Clare says:

    I only was mine every 3 to 4 days, but since changing my shampoo I can go 5 days. Guess it just different for everyone! I never liked washing my hair too often because it’s so thick it takes forever to dry!

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