* snowy shoes and starbucks *

Apologies my loves for the radio silence; G is leaving today to fly home and I’ve been trying to spend as much time as possible with him, enjoying the sights and sounds of NYC, and fitting in as much touristy fun as possible!

Five favourites

Place: My new flat! Sorry, apartment. I couldn’t be happier with it – and I’m having so much fun decorating.

Food: G and I paid a visit to Magnolia Bakery yesterday and, boy, are their cupcakes good.

Experience: Building a bed from scratch. Or rather, watching G build a bed from scratch. Not all IKEA furniture is as easy as 1, 2, screw.

Read/watch: We went to see American Sniper at the cinema earlier this week and I was utterly speechless by the end, it was just that good. I’m not a huge fan of war movies usually, but this one is just spectacular.

Beauty bit: I’ve been using my Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Mascara a lot for the past few weeks – and have become more and more impressed with it as time has gone on. Curly lashes, long lashes, volumized lashes. You need it, this mascara will do it.

Have a good weekend everyone and don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram and @CharlieLanks!


* a thoughtful thank you present *


* the most awesome set from cite *


* hot doggy dog *


* an nyc #tbt *


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