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As some of you may have seen, I indulged in a bit of festive false nail fun at Chrstimastime, courtesy of the Henry Holland for Elegant Touch House of Ho Ho Ho collection.

And while they were ruddy amazing at the time, when it came to taking them off, I hit a bit of a snag. Y’see, when it comes to these sorts of false nails – especially the better quality ones – they are designed to stick. For at least ten days solid. And while that aspect of them was seriously great while I was wearing them, when it came to taking them off, things got a bit more tricky.

What worked best for me was a multi-step process – and I’m hoping that some variation of it might work for you guys too! First of all, I soaked my nails in hot water and fairy liquid, in the hopes that that would help to melt down the glue a bit. And win! It did.

Then I put some nail polish remover – the all-out 100% acetone kind, not the be nice to your nails kind, sadly – on a Q Tip and made sure that as many nail edges as possible had been given a good old dose. After all of that, the nails started pulling away quite easily – thank goodness – leaving me with a pile of pretty damage-free fake talons, and ten of my own disastrous-looking nails (see the above photo).

 So, onto the recovery. Now, in my opinion, the best place to start is with a good filing session – heck you can trim your nails down if you really want to, just try and eliminate any jagged or sharp corners. Same too with the cuticles; suss out which areas are beyond salvation and delicately use a cuticle cutter to get rid of them. In this particular case, I also buffed my nails lightly for good measure too, just to try and rid them of some of the flakes.

Then? Easy. Cuticle oil (Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil is my product of choice) to hydrate – flaking nails are caused, at least in part, by dehydration – nail strengthener (which in this case was the OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener) to protect and heal the nails and hand cream (JR Watkins Apothecary Hand Cream for me because it smells lovely) to seal it all in and keep the hands happy.

Repeat those last few steps every few hours or so and you should be good to go with the next round of polish in a day or two!


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