F1 F2 F3* fresh sugar lip treatment trio // $28 *

During the winter months, my lips can often feel a bit like the Sahara (ironically): dry, cracked and generally just a little bit dehydrated.

This is down to a whole heap of factors – the chilly weather being one of the main reasons – but I think a bit of it has to do with my fondness for bold winter lip colours. The months leading up to and shortly after Christmas are when I really tend to embrace all of the brighter, bolder lip products that I own and I hate it when my dry lips get in the way of me continuing to indulge this passion.

Well, thankfully, I’ve recently added a new product to my lip lineup that helps to add a whack a colour, while nourishing my poor old lips. Enter, the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatmentswhich I actually picked up (thanks to G’s Crimbo generosity) as a trio set, which contains three mini versions of the original formula, along with the berry and cherry varieties. And it’s these two that have really made their mark.

While the original formula is a lovely lip balm, and it really is lovely, the tinted varieties give such a beautifully coloured stain, while packing the same amount of moisture, so it’s tricky to see why I would ever want to veer away from them.

All three also contain SPF which, given that the weather has been pretty darn beautiful in NYC recently – despite the biting chill – comes in really handy, particularly in terms of preventing further damage. And then there’s the super sleek packaging – metallic casing which screws on and off, so as to ensure no lid losses in your handbag. They’re genuinely pretty darn perfect.

Colour-wise, the pigment is in no way extreme – you’re only going to get a stain, as opposed to an opaque colour – but it is buildable, and fairly long-lasting, which I was quite surprised by.

All in all, a genuinely lovely product. Seriously delightful – and I have a feeling all of my other lip balms may be feeling ever so slightly left out from now on…

NB in the pic above, I’ve mixed Berry and Cherry on my lips. Mainly because I forgot which one I had on while I was sitting at my desk and accidentally used the other one on top. Still, I think it looks kind of OK, no? 


One thought on “Feelin’ Fresh

  1. tirurit says:

    These look amazing! I have yet to try a sugar product, but when my lips are feeling dry I use my l’oreal caresse which are kind of a balm/lipstick hybrid

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