Every now and then, I come across a make up product that just takes my breath away. Not just because of the product itself – although that is fairly important, obviously – but also because it just looks beautiful. Everything about it makes me want to have it out on display, to show it off to the world like a fancy piece of art.

Well, thanks to some recent additions from Charlotte Tilbury’s incredible range of products, I’ve been experiencing that sensation rather a lot recently.

For those of you that don’t know much about Charlotte, she is basically one of the industry’s most-respected make-up artists – she’s worked with everyone from Kate Moss to Tom Ford and has over the years built up an immense amount of knowledge about beauty and make up, knowledge which she used to create her very own collection of brilliant beauty and skincare products.

Now, I already have a couple of these in my arsenal – all of which I love and all of which are incredibly pretty – but the most recent additions to my stash are just out-of-this-world stunning, both in terms of the products themselves and the beautifully-ornate packaging.

Take the Mini Lipstick Charmsthree teeny weeny ribbon-strung versions of Charlotte’s matte revolution lipsticks. Encased in stunning star-embossed rose gold packaging, the lipsticks are among some of the most pigmented and long-lasting formulas that I’ve ever tried. And you guys know me, I’m not a matte fan, but for these? I’ll make an exception.

Then there’s the Filmstars On The Go Palette in All About Evea multi-purpose cream lip and cheek tint paired with a delightfully shimmery eyeshadow. Together, the duo promise to ‘transform’ your beauty look, providing you with the perfect amount of ‘pow’ for any occasion, be it a relaxed day out or an evening on the town. As for the packaging? Well, once again Charlotte has outdone herself, having chosen to package this duo within a cigarette case-style compact – again in the same stunning rose gold finish, which has quickly become the brand’s signature colour.

Last but not least is a limited edition piece (it is still on sale however, if you’re eager to get hold of one!), the Fallen Angel Eyeshadow PaletteI don’t think words can actually describe how stunning this palette is. Complete with four incredibly-pigmented eyeshadow shades, which can actually be used dry, or with some water for a super sheeny metallic finish, the palette has so many adorable details that make it almost too pretty to ever use (almost!).

In truth, I think I love everything about this palette, from the rose gold detailing and the tiny star patterns that have been carved into the shadows themselves to the buttery soft shades and long-lasting formulas.

So thank you, Charlotte Tilbury, for making my make up stash not only pretty – but perfect.


6 thoughts on “An ode to Charlotte Tilbury

  1. tirurit says:

    So so so jelous! Those look stunning!!

    I have yet to try Charlotte Tilbury’s range, but then again, I am a very lazy online buyer hehe

  2. Aiko Eliot says:

    I love Charlotte Tilbury! Xx

  3. missbeckymuz says:

    These products look stunning. I haven’t tried anything from Charlotte Tilbury but you make a compelling case to get my hands on some of these beauties. If only my bank balance wasn’t suffering from the post christmas squeeze. Maybe next month!?

  4. nyrmirez says:

    Charlotte Tilbury always has amazing packaging! I am drooling over the rose gold packaging on the mini lipstick charms. If you had to recommend one product from Charlotte Tilbury which one would it be?

  5. Charlotte Tilbury is the brand i’ve been lusting over since it’s US release. I need to get my hands on some products!

  6. Jasmine says:

    I have heard some great things about her products.. I may have to save up and purchase some because I am a sucker for those vintage style packaging 🙂

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