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Well hello there everybody, I hope you all had the most delightful of festive breaks and that your are looking forward to the start of 2015!

But before we head on into the New Year, I wanted to share a couple of pictures from my Christmas celebrations with G this year. As some of you may know, this was the first time that I have ever been away from my family at Christmastime – and I have to admit, I was slightly apprehensive about how the whole day would go.

Needless to say I had the most amazing day.

From early morning Skype stocking-opening to a delicious roast chicken Christmas dinner cooked by G, it really was the most perfect of days. Two thumbs way up from me.

And if you fancy having a sneaky peek at what I was up do in the lead-up to Christmas, make sure you check out the most recent instalment of my Vlogmas series below!



2 thoughts on “Some Sunday thoughts on my first Christmas away from home

  1. tirurit says:

    Good to know that you had fun!

    1. I really did! Thank you! x

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