So the Christmas lights in the US – or at least in Connecticut – are something else. Seriously. And, being the Christmas-obsessive that I am, I’ve done a fair few tours around the neighbourhood in order to check them all out, snap a few photos and generally just marvel at all of the incredible festive fun that seems to be waiting around every corner.

Last night, said festive fun reached a peak thanks to Wonderland at Roseville, an incredible winter wonderland that has been created in and around a residential home. And while the other light displays that I’ve seen have been impressive (note the first two photos), this place really has to be seen to be believed (note the final four photos).

Every inch of garden is covered in an array of spectacular lights, all of which have been set up to work in time to the music. There are toy trains that make their way around the garden, there is an incredible nutcracker display, a collection of light-up festive scenes, a selection of different Santas… the list goes on!

In other words, one heck ton of work has gone into setting that display up – they spend SIX MONTHS putting it all together, and that’s on top of planning for the first six months of the year – and the family who run it ask for nothing in return. Donations to local causes are welcome, but other than that they’re just happy for you to wander round and enjoy all of the immense Christmassy stuff that they have put together.

And it really is immense. So much festive fun. 

If you live in the area and want to check it out, head on over to their Facebook page here, and if you have any Christmas light pictures to share, let me know in the comments below! 


3 thoughts on “Some (festive) Sunday thoughts on the best Christmas lights ever

  1. adifranza says:

    Good afternoon!

    My name is Ashley DiFranza, and I work for Twin Pines Landscaping. We’re gathering photos of some of the best holiday lawn decorations this season, and, with your permission, we would love to include one of your with your name, city and even a link to this post if you wish! Let us know if you are interested! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

    Ashley DiFranza & The Twin Pines Landscaping Team

    1. Hi Ashey, thats absolutely fine with me, if you could just ensure you link back to my site that would be great! Thanks so much. Charlie

      1. adifranza says:

        Hi Charlie,

        Of course! You can see the final post in our album on Facebook here! Please remember to “Like” our page on Facebook for other great landscaping tips, advice, DIY Guides, and promotions! Thanks again, and Happy Holidays!

        Ashley DiFranza & The Twin Pines Landscaping Team

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