TooFaced1 TooFaced2 TooFaced3 TooFaced4* too faced natural eyes palette // $36 *

I admit it, I’m actually running out of room to store any more palettes… It’s becoming a real issue. I’ve basically filled my new flat  full of my palette-heavy beauty collection before I’ve even moved into it. Leaves little room for the bed, worryingly.

But when it came to this beautiful palette, the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette ($36)there was no question, it was coming home with me.

And for those of you thinking ‘what on earth, you have more neutral palettes than anyone could ever need!?’ hear me out… First of all, this palette offers a whole heap of shades that I just don’t have from any other products, there’s a beautiful gold shade that is out of this world and I love the fact that the base colours are slightly bigger, meaning you can go to town when it comes to covering the lids and not worry about running out of your favourite shades. Clever, eh? 

Then there are the stunning colour combinations which just all work so well with one another, whether you’re sticking to the suggestion shade trios that they have laid out, or you’ve decided to criss cross and experiment. It all just looks ace.

Formula-wise, they’re pretty ruddy brill too. Smooth, soft, buttery and pigmented… essentially all that you can ask of in a shadow.

‘So why the almost perfect?!’ I hear you cry. WELL, since welcoming this palette into my collection some weeks ago – we’re talking two or three – it’s broken not once, not twice, but thrice and that’s not even down to my personal clumsiness! The magnet which is supposed to hold the palette together has broken, not quite sure how, and two of the shades have fallen out of their pans. Hurrumph.

Thankfully, a bit of super glue seems to have solved the majority of those issues – the wobbly shadow ones at any rate! – and I’m still happy as Larry that I decided to finally purchase this semi-perfect palette after deliberating for ruddy ages. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to see a man about a palette magnet…


3 thoughts on “(Almost) the perfect palette: Too Faced Natural Eyes

  1. tirurit says:

    Personally, I have been depotting all of my single eyeshadows and moving them onto zpalettes and donating my premade palettes as I don’t reach for them. Do you have some kind of system on how to rotate through them?

  2. Love Too Faced palettes they are amongst my all time favourites. Its a shame yours broke though. I also haven’t picked up this particular one as I always pass it off as another standard neutral palette. I may need to invest!

  3. Gorgeous photo’s!

    x Julia from

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